Kultured Wellness – Starter Kit Bundle


This is perfect for beginners new to fermenting, with all essential culture starters and recipe book. The one-step fermenting process offers a simple way to make delicious fermented foods and drinks that will deeply nourish your gut microbiome. This starter kit contains:-

  • 1 Kefir Starter
  • 1 Yoghurt Starter
  • 1 Functional Fermented Nutrition (Printed Copy)

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How Do I Make The Kefir?

Homemade Coconut Kefir is easy. Your starter will arrive in liquid form in a simple sachet. Add it to 2 litres of coconut water. The better the quality of the water, the better the end result for your body.

Leave it on your benchtop for 48 hours away from direct sunlight. This is when the fermentation occurs, the probiotics feed on the sugar in the water and leave you with bubbly, lovely, probiotic‐rich coconut kefir. Store it for 3‐6 months in your fridge. Let your gut enjoy.
Before you finish drinking the first batch, keep a cup aside. This can be used to make another delicious batch. Pour it into 2 more litres of coconut water, and repeat the above process. Presto -‐ you’ve just made yourself another 2 litres of coconut kefir. You can keep going until you’ve made a total of 10 litres.

How Do I Make The Yoghurt?

Your yoghurt culture will arrive in a simple sachet. Add it to 2 litres of organic coconut cream. Leave it on your bench top for 12-24 hours, away from direct sunlight. The fermentation will magically occur overnight, and your creamy, dreamy coconut yoghurt will be ready in the morning. Store in your fridge for 3-6 months or until it’s devoured.

Keep one cup aside, this can be used to make even more yoghurt. Add it to another 2 litres of coconut cream to create your second batch. This process can be repeated to make a total of 10 litres of coconut yoghurt.


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