Sometimes you really just need a bit of a chocolate fix right?! Do yourself a favour and make my healthier peppermint chocolate slice. It is seriously simple to make and is super delicious. You won’t even know it’s healthy, promise!

It literally takes a few minutes to whizz up the ingredients in your thermomix or food processor and if you can’t wait an hour for it to chill, put it in the freezer for 30 minutes. You will be curing your cravings in no time.



2 x cups roasted almonds

1 x cup preservative free shredded coconut (you can get some here)

1 x cup medjool dates (you can get them here)

2 x Tbs coconut flour

4 x Tbs cacao powder

3 x Tbs coconut oil (from here)

8-10 drops peppermint essential oil (pure food grade essential oils can be purchased here)



Put all ingredients into thermomix or food processor and blend until well combined. Don’t process for too long, you want it to be ‘crunchy.’

Line slice tin with baking paper, pour mixture into tin and press down well.

Put in fridge for an hour before cutting into slices.


* You may need to add 1 -2 tbs of water to help the mixture stick together.

* You can roll into balls and cover with coconut if you prefer.

* Wild orange essential oil is a delicious alternative to peppermint.