Who else is trying to find their lunchbox packing mojo?!

It’s so hard to get back into the swing of it after such a long break over the holidays. There is no need to resort to processed, packaged lunchbox snacks, these are so quick and easy to make!

I whizzed these up this morning in about 5 minutes.

If you can dedicate even an hour on the weekend to pre-make these and my bacon & zucchini frittatas, your lunchbox packing is going to be a whole lot simpler! Add a frittata, a bliss ball, fruit, a homemade muffin, some veggie sticks & some popcorn in the lunchbox and you’re done!

You will feel like a lunchbox packing ninja!

1 x cup unsalted raw cashews
1 x cup pepitas
1/2 cup almond meal
2 x Tbs cacao
2 x Tbs tahini
15 x Medjool dates

Blend cashews for 45 seconds/ speed 9 in your thermomix or high powered food processor until it turns into cashew butter.
Add remaining ingredients and blend for another 45 seconds/ speed 9.
Roll into balls and keep in the fridge.

Healthy lunchbox


  • If your food processor isn’t powerful enough to make the cashew butter, this will still work. You may just need to add some coconut oil to help bind the ingredients.
  • If your school is nut free, keep them at home for afternoon tea or take to after school activities for a protein-packed snack.