Welcome to Nourish & Spice

Hi guys, I’m Jess from Nourish & Spice! I’m passionate about reducing the chemicals, preservatives and additives in our food and homes. I also believe in keeping things super simple & super achievable cause, #mumlife right?

I believe we can be healthy, simply. It doesn’t need to be difficult or confusing. By making some simple swaps you can be well on your way to health and wellness.

Don’t freak out, being healthy doesn’t mean missing out on all your favourite goodies. It’s all about balance! Coffee, wine & chocolate will always have a place in my heart! (only the good stuff though. Life is too short to eat crappy chocolate, am I right?!)

I live on the Sunny Coast with my husband, 2 boys & super cute puppy, Little Miss Luna. Just like you we live a crazy, busy life with after school sports happening daily. It’s still super important to me that we eat nutritious meals even though we might not have the time or don’t really feel like cooking. I’m pretty sure everyone is in the same boat so I have created a healthy family friendly simple weeknight dinners e-book to help reduce some of the daily stress. Pop your email in below for instant FREE access.

Jess x